HOLA MONA is Sold Out! 

Hola Mona is now available on Opensea at https://opensea.io/collection/hola-mona-collection
Please verify the collection name to make sure it is the official collection of 1503 Monas.


Hola Mona is a collection of 1,503 generated NFTs with original source material created by 3 award winning fine artists. These unique digital collectibles have their proof of ownership on the Solana blockchain. 
Each Hola Mona is a one-of-a-kind combination of a digital background, a mask or headgear, hair colour, robe design and make up or body art randomly generated from more than 150 possible traits, all created by classically trained fine artists.

Meet the Mona Makers

We are three classically trained, internationally acclaimed artists who seamlessly glide between fine art and digital art + mixed reality sherpas who journey through the metaverse with them. 

Mona Artist 1

Travel, international exhibitions, personal growth and cross-disciplinary collaborations underpin the philosophy of this critically acclaimed contemporary artist. 
With expansive classical training at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy; a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Complutensian University, Mad​rid, Spain; and a Masters of Fine Art in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Art of Belgrade, Serbia, this creator continues their learning journey informed and inspired by the multiculturalism observed during their travels. 

Facts & Questions

What are Hola Mona NFTs?

Hola Mona NFTs are generative art using original source material created by 3 well-established career artists. We will reveal the identities of these award-winning fine artists at a later date, and our collectors will be cared for accordingly.  

This original source material is randomly pieced together using an algorithm to generate the non-fungible tokens. Each of the 1,503 Hola Mona NFTs is unique, with no two sharing the exact same traits and backgrounds. 

The Mona Makers are taking a cheeky look at how the world has gone bananas over aping, through the lens of fine art. These unique digital collectibles are inspired by, and bilingually punning on, the famous Mona Lisa - “Mona” is also Spanish for monkey, and “Hola” is a Spanish greeting. 

They are minted, stored and traded on the Solana blockchain

How do I buy a Hola Mona?

You will first need a wallet that can transact in SOL tokens, like Phantom or Sollet. You’ll need to download this first to connect to Solana based websites.

If you made a new account, you’ll need to purchase some SOL tokens. You could utilise exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, coinbase or crypto.com. 

Once you have the Phantom browser extension installed or have access to Sollet, you can purchase Hola Mona NFTs. You will need 0.77 SOL per Hola Mona NFT and set aside 0.05 SOL for transaction fees just in case!

When can I get a Hola Mona NFT?

The whitelist drop date for the first 30 NFTs is 25 January 2022 at 8pm Singapore Time. (12PM UTC)

The general drop date for the 1,473 other NFTs is 18 February 2022 at 8pm Singapore Time. (12PM UTC)

Can I mint on my mobile phone?

Yes you can, if you have access to a wallet that can transact in SOL (e.g. Sollet wallet) installed on your phone.

Can I mint Hola Mona NFT on a desktop?

Yes you can, if you have access to a wallet that can transact in SOL (e.g. Phantom wallet) on your desktop.

Is there a limit per wallet?

Nope! the Top Banana has issued the royal decree that you can mint as many Monas as you wished!

Are some Hola Mona NFTs rarer than others?

Yes, some Hola Mona NFTs will have attributes that make them more rare than others. You can check the attributes on the secondary markets once it appears there!

What happens when I mint a Hola Mona NFT?

You receive full rights to your uniquely generated Hola Mona NFT. Enjoy!

What does it mean when you say I have full rights to my Hola Mona NFT?

We want you to be the Prime Ape in charge of all decisions over your purchase. Full ownership and copyright means that you own the bundle of rights to reproduce, publish and display your purchased Hola Mona NFT. Feel free to display your purchased Hola Mona NFT in a medium of your choice, or print your purchased Hola Mona on canvas, on ceramic, or on coffee mugs, all while staying on the right side of copyright law. 

Your Hola Mona NFT purchase, your decision!

Will there be secondary market?

Yes, there will be. Our Mona Makers are in talks with NFT marketplaces like Solanart and Magic Eden to create a secondary marketplace so you can buy, bid on, and offer Hola Monas for sale. Details to follow!

What's our Roadmap?

Cast your gaze upon the path charted out for Hola Mona:


October 2021: Mona Makers assemble.

October - December 2021: Creation of Hola Mona original source material by 3 acclaimed artists and negotiation of real world and metaverse collaborations.

05 January 2022: First of the Hola Mona Twitter Spaces.  

12 January 2022: Launch of Hola Mona website, to complement Hola Mona Twitter @holamonanft and Hola Mona Discord channel.

25 January 2022: 30 of the 1,503 Hola Mona NFTs available for whitelist minting on a private website.

18 February 2022: 1,473 of the 1,503 Hola Mona NFTs will be available for minting on this site! https://holamona.io

25 FEBRUARY 2022: Hola Mona partners with secondary NFT marketplaces for Hola Mona NFTs. Specific details to be announced soon.

25 February 2022: Hola Mona’s exclusive collaboration with a soon-to-be-revealed microbrewery drops. A bespoke Hola Mona beer will be launched alongside a gallery exhibition in the microbrewery. 

March 2022: Hola Mona’s gallery showcase in the metaverse to be announced. View the VR gallery exhibition of Hola Mona NFTs at https://oncyber.io, with details to follow.

April 2022: Hola Mona’s adopted charity and details to be announced.  10% of sales will be donated to Hola Mona’s adopted charity.

May 2022: Mona Makers unmasked - The identities of our fine artists revealed!